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Flower Care Tips


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The first step to making your flowers stay fresh longer is by following a few flower care guidelines. Use the tips below to extend the life of your blooms from the start.

Water Wisely It’s not only important to get your bouquet hydrated, but to do so wisely. Your flowers won’t last long without water, especially once their stems have been cut. After picking out a clean vase, fill it with room temperature water and add in a packet of flower food that is forwarded with every Bouquet Box flower bouquet. Make sure that the packet has been properly mixed and that the water is not too diluted or too concentrated. It’s also important to clean your vase thoroughly and change out the water and flower food every two to three days.

Avoid Direct Sunlight, Heat, Drafts and Fruit Your flowers will last longer in a room with cool temperatures. Avoid displaying them in direct sunlight or near appliances that generate heat. You’ll also want to avoid areas like open windows, heating or cooling vents and ceiling fans as they can cause the flowers to quickly dehydrate. You also shouldn’t display your bouquet near fruit. That’s right, ripening fruits release tiny amounts of ethylene gas which can reduce the longevity of your fresh arrangement.

Flower Food: Adding flower food to your vase of fresh flowers is a tried and true way to keep your blooms fresh longer.

Fridge: Put your bouquet in the fridge every night before bed (typically 8 hours per night.) Flowers are said to thrive in cooler temperatures. It is thought that the low temps help slow the ageing. Floral bouquets like to stay nice and cool.

Now that you have some extra tricks up your sleeve for ensuring the longevity of your  bouquets, you should try one out yourself!

It’s always so nice to have fresh flowers in the house and it makes sense to use methods that will help them last as long as possible. The tips above are effective things you can do to make a significant difference and make your cut flowers last longer than they usually do.

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